We are the crazy puzzle shopin Palma de Mallorca.

Yes exactly, our passion is to tease and challenge you with our extraordinary puzzles. We only have one goal in mind, to get you excited about PLAYING.

With body and soul and with a lot of enthusiasm

We, Gülcin and Sven, have been running the puzzle shop in one of the small cute streets of Palma since 2007. Anyone who comes into the shop once will not be able to get out so quickly – we ensure good entertainment! I, Sven, am the one who animates clients to play with growing enthusiasm and drives them crazy – and I, Gülcin, am the one who brings the meaning and educational value of the games closer to you.

With us parents buy for their children and children for their parents.

In our shop there are more than 400 different puzzles, games and brain teasers, many of which come from our own family production, which sharpen, develop and challenge the child’s and adult brains. From beautiful wooden games to tricky metal puzzles to very high-quality Japanese smart boxes, there is something for everyone. Passionate puzzle collectors from all over the world also love our store.

Short stories

The German national soccer team is puzzling!

A special training for the national team.

Online Shop

Online Shop

Carrer de Sant Nicolau, 16,
07001 Palma, Illes Balears

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday
10.15-14.30 - 16.30-20.30
Closed on sundays


tel.: +34 971 495 547
mail: info@mallorca-puzzles.com

Carrer de Sant Nicolau, 16, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears
Online Shop

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