Cloud 28


For beginners a nice challenge, this elegantly designed puzzle and for experienced players very entertaining. That’s a good way to describe the Cloud Puzzle, says Cuby, our VAR pro with the video evidence.
7 pieces, all of the same size with 4 holes each, but different shapes, have to be placed in such a way that all 28 precious aluminium cylinders are enclosed in a wooden ring. This certainly doesn’t work on the first try, but everyone needs several different attempts to find the right combination of the puzzle pieces. It really sounds easier than it is!

A very big challenge for every professional is the blind game variant! It is wonderful to get your head spinning!
(We couldn’t present this type in the Cuby video because we didn’t have an infrared camera.)

It is played without looking, without light or with a blindfold / dark mask. The person playing should not be able to examine the puzzle for a long time beforehand, so that he or she cannot remember the position of one or the other piece. So it may and must be felt and palpated, both the game board with the cylinders and the 7 different puzzle pieces.
What can you discover in the process?
For example, that there are 6 cylinders next to each other in the first, third and fifth rows and only 5 in between, making a total of 28.
That this results in 6 diagonals with 2 x 3 cylinders and 4 x 5. That the wooden elements lasered exactly by us all have 4 holes, i.e. 7 x 4 = 28. That these 4 in a row result in different shapes such as rhombus, propeller, straight line, slalom line etc. and above all that we have great problems to imagine all this and then to find a solution mentally with the help of our fingers.

Have fun!

Colour combinations may vary.

Choking hazard.
Small parts.

Recommended for ages 14 and up!

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