Puzzle, magic trick, brain teaser or optical illusion? What do we have here? A simple, large metal ring and a long “bathtub chain”, sounds very strange, doesn’t it? It is! And what’s the job? The ring has to hang on the chain as a “pendant” as shown, but how do I do that? Above all, what can I do and what is the starting position, because just hanging in somehow is of course not the solution!
Starting position: Extend your arm horizontally forwards with the palm facing down. Place the chain over the back of the hand, guide the ring over the hanging chain up to the hand and then hold it horizontally with your middle finger and thumb. Objective: Now just let go of the ring and if you drop it, the ring will get caught in the chain without manipulating anything with your two fingers. Of course, the ring keeps falling to the ground until you’ve figured out the performance correctly!

A very amazing effect and really not that easy!

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