Puzzle Infinito


With this puzzle, the focus this time is not so much on the level of difficulty, but on the design and the many ways to play. It is a beautiful puzzle that can be presented in the living room and looks very inviting and decorative like a noble chess set. Playing is also so much fun because the very high-quality 42 coloured aluminium balls are so pleasant to the touch – tactile perception is very flattered here.


The task is as follows:

First place the two black balls somewhere on the board directly next to each other.

Then try to fill the board with 5 (horizontally or vertically) adjacent balls of one colour, without repeating the resulting shapes of 5 balls. There are a total of 12 different ways of placing 5 balls (horizontally or vertically) next to each other and none of them may be repeated, mirrored or diagonal shapes are not allowed.

20cm x 20cm x 1cm

The color combination may vary.

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