Formas Geométricas


Puzzlers and mathematicians are equally happy here!

From the 5-point (Penta) to the 12-point (Dodeca) we already have the first 7 tasks. You just take the puzzle pieces out of their shape and then put them back in.
You reach the next level when you remove the parts from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or finally from all 7 geometric fields, mix them well and then try to fill the shapes again!
And what is the middle triangle for?
There are 7 more puzzles here, because you can fill the triangle with the pieces of each geometric figure.

An entertaining and relaxing game that is not as „bad“ as it looks due to the different angles in the geometric shapes, says Cuby.

Have lots of fun with it!

The color combination may vary.

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